My name is Ever Hobbes, I am an artist and web developer living and working in Canada (Toronto to be specific).

I love illustration, design, 3d modelling and animation, and graphics in general. I do much of my artwork solely for the fun and the passion. But I'm also available for commercial projects or fun projects with fun people, so feel free to get in touch if you want to collaborate!

I use a mix of artistic mediums including traditional methods such as drawing or painting, as well as digital methods such as Vector, 3D, or Digital Painting.

Some programs I use include Blender, Inkscape, MyPaint, GIMP, Sculptris, Luxrender and many others. All of those programs are free to use, so I encourage you to check them out!

Would you like to contact me?

You can e-mail me at

Would you like to commission an artwork from me? Contact me at Prices are flexible depending on the artwork requested. Be sure to check out my gallery below for an idea of the style I work in.

Make your dream a reality by commissioning a unique piece of artwork created just for you!